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OHMEGA Large Water Cooled Standard Types V14

V14-150-08, V14-250-16 and V14-350-28 belong to a range of water cooled high power brake resistors. The resistors consist of stainless steel tube resistors with a diameter of 14 mm and length 2200mm (V14/2200) mounted in stainless (AISI 304 or AISI 316) water tanks. The electrical connections complies to protection class IP 00 to IP 65 according to customer specifications. Danotherm has developed thermal models for all resistor types and resistor values. By using these models we are able to calculate the temperature rises in the resistor wire for all possible load applications. We offer our assistance to customers to find the optimum solution for any situation. All types can be offered with thermo watch.

POWER RANGE 44kW - 500 kW



(S)V14 datasheet



Power Range 44kW - 500 kW
Pulse Load 1s/120s: 4,5* PN; 10s/120s:2
Environmental 0°C - 60 °C
Resistance Tolerance ± 10%
Dielectric Strength 3500V AC
Working Voltage 1000V AC
Protection class IP00 - IP 65
Max surface temperature As Cooling Water
Cooling media Water (Sweet), Oil
Pressure Working: 6 Bar; Test: 10 Bar
Thermo watch (optional) Adjustable
Connection Screw
Vibration EN 60 068-2-6; Test Fc

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