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cvr. 1012 6061



The Ohmega steel tube resistors, series WHDN consist of several steel tube elements made from AISI316. The tubes are welded in a flange and mounted in a stainless steel vessel. Depending on the requirement there can be multiple resistor groups inside one unit. The resistors have adjustable mounting feet, making it easy to install them. Normally, the resistors are mounted horizontally but it is possible to offer a vertical construction. 



WHDN datasheet



Power Range 25kW - 1.300kW
Environmental 5 - 70°C
Resistance Tolerance ± 5% / ±10%
Dielectric Strength 3.500 VAC @ 50Hz during 1 minute
Working Voltage 1.400V
Insulation Resistance > 20 M ohm
Protection class IP66
Cooling media water / water-glycol
Pressure 10 bar (WHDN 300 = 8 bar)
Connection box

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