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WHBS ´fully welded´

WHBS ´fully welded´ style resistors are medium power resistors ranging from 3.5 to 45kW. Because of their compact size they are ideally suited for constant load conditions like filter applications in wind turbines or small brake applications on board of vessels. The material is made from stainless steel AISI 306 or AISI316 allowing them to be used in salted air environment.


WHBS datasheet



Power Range 3.5 - 45kW
Over Load 5xPn in 10s, 10xPn in 5s
Resistance Tolerance ±5%
Dielectric Strength 3.500 VAC @ 50Hz 1 min
Working Voltage 1.400 - 3.000V
Insulation Resistance > 20 M ohm
Protection class IP00/IP66
Cooling media water / water-glycol
Pressure 6 bar
Connection cable lugs / box / cable

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