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DIN Rail Mounting

CAR as well as small CBR and CCR types can be mounted on DIN Rails inside cabinets.

If mounted inside a cabinet the surface temperature should be kept on an acceptable level by de-rating the average load. However high pulse load is still possible due to the construction techniques and principles of the Alpha Resistors.    

Resistors mounted this way can be used as Dehumidifier Elements.

For extended technical data and more information please see CAR, CBR & CCR.





Power Range 25W - 200W
Pulse Load 100X
De-rating 100% PN @40 °C - 75% @ 90 °C
Environmental -40°C - 90 °C
Resistance Tolerance ± 10% (opt: ± 5%)
Dielectric Strength 2500VAC
Working Voltage 600V AC; 850VDC
Insulation Resistance > 20 M OHM
Protection class IP50; IP21; IP65
Max surface temperature 250 °C (Not De-Rated)
Cooling media AIR
Norms UL 508

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