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Steel Grid High Power Resistors

Tera Steel Grid Resistors mounted in IP23 Housings for out door mounting i.e. on cranes.
Type BRC M / BRD M for internal cable connection without cable glands.
Type BRC N / BRD N for internal cable connections with cable glands.
Please ask Danotherm for information about versions with external connection boxes and other OEM solutions.




Power Range 3kW - 15kW / Module
Pulse Load 10 X in 10 s
De-rating 100% PN @40 °C - 75% @ 90 °C
Environmental -40 °C - 90 °C
Resistance Tolerance ± 10%
Dielectric Strength 3500V AC
Working Voltage 1000V AC
Protection class IP23
Cooling media AIR
Connection Screw

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