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This resistor group is designed for heavy application such as elevators, cranes or for braking of big electrical motors. This type of resistor has specifications that make them  suitable for harsh conditions. The OHMEGA PCG has capability to withstand overload for a long time without any damage. Furthermore the power limits indicated ensure that the temperature doesn't damage other components nearby. It also ensures stability and reliability.

The resistor elements are covered in stainless steel AISI 304 and the surrounding case is made in zinc plated steel. If requested the case can be made in stainless steel. The standard resistor is supplied with thermal protected steel tubes.

Due to the special construction the OHMEGA PCG is completely silent during impulses.


PCG Datasheet



Power Range 1 kW - 6 kW
Pulse Load 5X in 10s
Over Load 10X in 5s
De-rating 100% PN @40 °C - 75% @ 90 °C
Resistance Tolerance ± 10%
Dielectric Strength 4500 Vrms per 60s
Working Voltage 1000 VAC
Insulation Resistance > 50 M OHM @ 5000 Vdc
Protection class IP65
Max surface temperature 800 °C
Cooling media Air
Connection Screw

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