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cvr. 1012 6061



Ferrule Ended Oval Resistors

These resistors have live terminals and they are designed to be mounted directly on current rails or other live construction points. The mounting bracket / terminals are flexible which allow the resistors to be mounted on the current rails without mechanical tensions in the resistors even if the rails are not 100% parallel.
There are three ceramic profile sizes. 
Power range is from 40W to 1000W steady state; normal or non-inductive winding.


Wirewound FLAT Power Resistors Datasheet



Power Range 40W - 800W
Pulse Load 10* PN for 5 s
De-rating Linear: PN @ 40 °C - 60% @ 150°C
Resistance Tolerance ± 10%, ± 5%
Protection class IP00
Cooling media Air, Oil
Connection Live Terminals
Norms IEC

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