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cvr. 1012 6061





Supplied in a patented MODULAR construction that is ideal for customer specified RESISTOR MODULES as well as single resistors. These resistors are particular suitable as balancing resistors in capacitor banks in frequency drives

The resistor body is a thick film resistor printed on ceramic Alumina. A glass cover film protects the resistor and the terminals are soldered to the substrate with 300°C solder which makes the terminations reliable even at overload conditions.The resistor is mounted in an Aluminum Profile. High temperature plastic insulators and metal springs make a well-defined stable thermal contact between the resistor element and the aluminum profile. Between the resistor element and the profile is a heat conducting material.
The Ceramic resistor element is completely protected from mechanical damage and the resistor can be mounted to a heat sink without complications. The wattage curves below demands the use of a heat sink compound.


HSCC Datasheet



Power Range 22- 105W
Pulse Load 4 X in 10s
Environmental -40 °C - 90 °C
Resistance Tolerance ±1%
Dielectric Strength 6kV DC
Working Voltage 1100 V DC
Insulation Resistance > 100M
Cooling media Heat Sink
Connection AMP 6.8mm

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