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cvr. 1012 6061



HSD Heat Sink Resistors
Nominal Load 50W - 250W  



HSD for compact constructions close to heat sensitive components due to only slight rise of temperature on the aluminum surface.

Insulation: Silicone Rubber + MICANITE. The silicone is UL Recognized (UL 94 HB) to a working temperature to 220°C. Temperatures up to 300°C can be endured for shorter periods. Please download the data sheed for instructions on how to dimension the resistors.


Show more informationHSD Datasheet



Power Range 25W - 300W
De-rating 100% @ 40°C- 50% @ 120°C (Heat Sink)
Resistance Tolerance ± 5%; ± 10%
Dielectric Strength 2500 VAC
Working Voltage 690VAC, 1200VDC
Insulation Resistance > 100M
Max surface temperature + 30K over Heat sink
Connection Solder / Cables / AMP

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