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The MODULOHM MI-A-1 metal low ohm resistors series are produced from a suitable alloy in form of a non-insulated band or wire. They require a minimum of space and of a minimum weight and have low induction. They can be used in commercial as well as in industrial equipment.

In switching and linear power supplies, instruments, regulators and other modern current sensing circuits.
The dissipation of the resistors allow measuring 100 mV over the resistor making the series cover the area from 0,63 A to 15 A. The MODULOHM resistors are produced in EU making it possible to offer our customers a high grade of flexibility. Customer specified versions are possible.


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Power Range 1W - 2,4 W
Over Load 5*PN in 10s
De-rating Linear: 100%@40°- 0 @110°C
Environmental -40°C ...+110°C
Resistance Tolerance ±5%
Insulation Resistance R005 - R16
Connection Solder pins

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