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cvr. 1012 6061



A large range of Oval Resistor Types from 30W to 800W

- Available also with live terminals

Oval Resistors are suitable for compact mounting cooled by forced air. All types can be supplied with live terminals for mounting directly on current rails and one range, the 27mm, can be supplied for directly mounting on PC Boards.


Wirewound FLAT Power Resistors Datasheet



Power Range 30W - 800W
Pulse Load 10 X in 5 s
De-rating 100% PN @40 °C - 80% @ 100 °C
Environmental -40°C - 110°C
Resistance Tolerance ± 10% (opt: ± 5%)
Dielectric Strength Look for Creepage Distance
Working Voltage Critical Voltage 360V - 4700V
Protection class IP00
Max surface temperature 375 °C
Cooling media Air; Oil
Connection Solder; AMP; Screw; Cables
Climatic IEC 68-2-3 56 days at 40°C and 93 % (Vitr. En.)

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