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cvr. 1012 6061




This CBS resistor is a low temperature rise load dump resistor. It has a rise of surface temperature of 50 K after 440 kW in 5 sec.


Two CBT 400 resistors mounted in a small load bank. The nominal power is 3 kW and the resistor works at 2.5kVAC:

CBT Load bank resistor   


Modification of a CCH resistor: 

CCH-450C for direct mounting on a IP65 motor drive cabinet. The cables are taken directly in to the cabinet through a bushing with an O-ring gasket.  


CCH 536 C IP65 resistor for mounting on a heat sink of a water cooled drive. The cables are taken out through the side of the resistor and sealed with an O-ring. Due to the heat sink mounting the load ability of the resistor is increased:



CBR resistor with ventilator cooling:








Power Range 1200W
Over Load 50*PN in 1 sec
Environmental -40°C-70°C
Dielectric Strength 3500V AC
Protection class IP65
Thermo watch (optional) 200°C
Connection Connector

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