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SIGMA Ceramic Brake Resistors

Power range from 100W to 5kW, a popular and economically type of brake resistor capable of solving many brake resistor jobs.
The resistor components consist of fully welded wire wound ceramic resistors, wound on corderite, which is a type of ceramic with a very high resistance to temperature changes.The wire is coated with aluminium phosphate to protect the wire and conduct the heat developed in the wire on to the ceramic core. Aluminium-phosphate is stable at 500°C.

The resistor cages comply with IP20 providing electrical and thermal protection. The resistors have a nominal load from 100W - 5kW. They are particularly suitable for pulse loads of 10 – 20 times more compared to the nominal load because of the ceramic core material and an extra high weight of wire.

We have developed Thermal Simulation corresponding to all resistor types and resistor values. By using these models we are able to calculate the temperature rises in the resistor wire for all possible load situations. Danotherm assists customers in finding the optimum solution for any situation.


SIGMA Datasheet



Power Range 100W - 5kW (Average)
Pulse Load 10 X in 5 s
De-rating Linear: 40°C, 100% - 70 °C: 0,8 PN
Environmental -40 °C - 90 °C
Resistance Tolerance ±10%
Dielectric Strength 2500VAC, 1 Minute
Working Voltage 1100VDC (UL listed version: 600V)
Insulation Resistance > 20 M OHM
Protection class IP20
Max surface temperature On Resistor component: 350 °K
Cooling media Air
Thermo watch (optional) Optional
Connection Screw
Climatic EN 60 068-2-2
Vibration EN 60 068-2-6

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